2018 Candidate Accountability Sessions


Asking City Candidates to be HERE with ACTION

ACTION drew more than 500 attendees to two online city candidate accountability ahead of the August 2020 city elections. The accountability sessions were framed with stories told by Tulsans about how they are impacted by the Health crisis, Economic recovery efforts, Racial inequity, and Eviction worries. City Council and Mayoral candidates were asked how they would address challenges like these for Tulsa families, and to pledge to work with ACTION for long-term solutions. “We are looking for bold leaders who are HERE for our families,” said Deanna Tirrell, ACTION president. 

Candidates for state and federal office joined local education and community leaders for In the Shadow of the Pandemic: A Conversation with Candidates on Schools, Debt, and Eviction in October. Watch here

US Congressional District 1 Candidate responds to ACTION questions

On Oct 21, 2018, leaders from ACTION member institutions shared their stories about issues in healthcare access, mental health services, immigration reform and DACA, and student loan debt, and then asked candidate Tim Gilpin how he would support those issues if elected; candidate Kevin Hern declined to attend. Over 150 people from more than a dozen churches and non-profit associations gathered to hear his answers and his commitment to continue to work with ACTION members.

News from the event - Channel 6

ACTION asks DA candidates about criminal justice issues

Almost 200 people attended the District Attorney Candidate Accountability Session held Oct 16. Both candidates answered questions regarding their stance on criminal justice issues including reducing incarceration, alternative sentencing, fines and fees imposed on those jailed in Tulsa, and wealth-based detention (cash bail). Both candidates pledged to work with ACTION leaders if elected to continue to address these issues through the DA's office.

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State issues raised by ACTION with legislative candidates

Candidates from OK House districts 75 and 76 were invited on Oct 28 to commit to working with ACTION leaders in the 2019 legislative session. Karen Gaddis, T. J. Marti, and Forest Mayer responded to questions about the need for increased revenue for state agencies, public school funding, making SQ 780 retroactive, funding the criminal justice system to reduce the reliance on fines and fees, and their priorities for social service provision.

ACTION delegates at VOICE Accountability Session with Candidates for Governor, State Superintendent of Education
Our delegation of 22 ACTION members demonstrated state-wide collaboration on the issues we know are important to families! 
Candidate Accountability Session: HD75 Special Election

Candidates in the special election for HD75 in July 2017 were invited to hear the stories of district constituents around the issues of education, mental health services, and immigrant support, and were asked if they would support these issues if elected.

ACTION Holds Forum for House Seat Candidates

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