Our mission is to build relational power to improve the lives of Tulsa tenants.


Why form a Tenant Association?

In Tulsa and across Oklahoma, tenants are suffering from a number of issues that affect their living situations, including:

  • Lack of safe, affordable housing
  • Poor property upkeep
  • Lacking legal protections
  • Loneliness and displacement
  • Scarce accommodations for disabled residents
  • Other economic and systemic issues
Currently, the most powerful voices in housing policy represent landowners.

It's time for tenants to have a seat at the table, too.


Our approach

People are our priority.

We are a grassroots association of tenants building solidarity and coalition from the ground up to self-advocate and change policy.

We accomplish this through:

  • Cultivating relationships across lines of difference
  • Highlighting the stories and struggles of tenants in the Tulsa area
  • Developing tenants to be changemakers through mentorship, civic education, and leadership training
  • Raising funds through dues, donations, and grants

Become a member or supporter


What you'll gain as a United Tenants of Tulsa member:

  • Leadership development and training on how to build grassroots relational power
  • Belonging and solidarity within a dynamic community of tenant leaders
  • Opportunities to publicly share your story, needs, and goals with policy decisionmakers
  • Coaching on how to understand, navigate, and effectively advocate within the local and state policy landscape
  • A voice in shaping the association's legislative priorities
  • Access to members-only groups and resources

...and more!

Becoming a UTT member is an investment in organizing Tulsa tenants to make an impact for the common good

Become a member or supporter




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