Education Awareness Weekend


No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. 

An educated workforce is the foundation of every community and the future of every economy. 

--former OK Governor Brad Henry


NOW is the time to invest in our state. Our legislators are ready to act this session to improve teacher pay - it’s up to US to make sure they follow through!

Join with ACTION Tulsa by having your congregation, institution, PTA, non-profit organization, workplace, and community learn more about how the teacher pay crisis is affecting our state during Education Awareness Weekend, March 24-26, 2017. 

Activities will be scheduled by individual institutions statewide to get people talking about public education and how it is vital to our state and its citizens - 

What will you do to bring the conversation to YOUR institution?

Register HERE to pledge your commitment and let us know what you are planning. You will receive additional information, including important facts about teacher pay and how it affects teachers, students, schools, and communities. Your institution will be included in press releases on the ACTION Tulsa website and Facebook page.

Please invite your colleagues in other institutions, churches, and organizations to join us by sharing this invitation!

Some ideas for participating in Education Awareness Weekend - choose one or several! The important thing is to get people in your institution talking about public education and what they can do to support it!

  • Hold a house meeting with teachers and parents in your institution who are connected with public schools to hear their personal experiences
  • Share teacher and parent stories in your services or in member communications
  • Speak to the importance of investing in public education in your sermon that weekend or in a community meeting
  • Invite a state representative of the district where your church is located to attend your service and pledge his or her support
  • Gather a religious education class or other group to discuss the fact sheet
  • Share information about teacher pay proposals in the legislature, help people identify their representatives, and encourage them to contact their elected officials
  • Schedule a neighborhood forum to discuss education in a house meeting format
  • Write notes to teachers at your nearest public school to let them know what you are doing to support them; offer teachers a blessing or recognition at your worship service
  • Create your own event!
March 24, 2017 at 9:00am - March 27, 2017
Your Institution/Congregation/PTA/Workplace
Rev. Kelli Driscoll ·

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  • Kathleen McCallie
    commented 2017-03-22 15:58:42 -0500
    Sunday, March 26: lunch and discussion (11:45-1:00) about improving education in Oklahoma. Join us at Fellowship UCC 2900 S. Harvard. All are welcome!
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