Education Awareness 2018

Congregations belonging to ACTION offered support for the teacher walkout by holding an Education Awareness Sunday on April 8 that featured teachers sharing their stories and offered information on the impact funding was having on schools. 
     Fr. David Medina, pastor of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, said, "The future of Oklahoma is forming in our classrooms. Take action, and don't regret being part of this time in history." 
    Bethany Christian Church created a special liturgy in which everyone in the congregation shared the names of teachers that shaped their lives. 
     Fellowship Lutheran recognized and prayed for teachers in both their services. 
     Hope Unitarian Church continued a sermon series on our need to be moral leaders, with a focus on what this means in education. 
     All Souls Unitarian youth spoke about the impact teachers have on them and the changes they have seen as funding is cut. Comment cards were collected and delivered to legislators.
     Fellowship United Church of Christ pastor preached on the walkout and collected needed items to support the teachers who are participating in the walkout. 
     Resurrection Catholic Church collected comment cards that were delivered to legislators.