2024 Elections

Local elections have become a battleground for hyper-partisan interest groups.

We have a plan to keep local control in 2024...and beyond.


1. In October 2022, ACTION launched a 1,000 Conversation Campaign where our leaders asked Tulsans to share stories about the pressures facing their families.

From those stories, Delegates from ACTION member institutions ratified an agenda of issues in February 2023 that includes:

1) Mental Health in Public Education
2) Community Safety & Gun Violence
3) Housing & Tenant Protections
4) Driver's License for Taxpayers
5) Lighting & Local Infrastructure


2. Now, we’re conducting a Voter Audit to learn where our people are located, identify who their representatives are, and gain deeper clarity around the issues on our constituent agenda.


3. Later, we’ll host public Accountability Sessions to see which candidates will commit to supporting issues on our constituent agenda.



Then, we turn out to VOTE.


Want to join our efforts?
Take 5 minutes to complete the ACTION Voter Audit so that we can mobilize an organized constituency in 2024.

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If you'd like to be more deeply involved with our 2024 Election Strategy, please email organizer Kristine Hadeed at [email protected].


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